"Like cattle that graze the fields, oblivious to the coming slaughter, you live in blissful ignorance, not knowing the dangers of this prison planet..."
"Her son, Jason, had become plagued by violent seizures, rendering him helpless and his family in a state of constant fear..."
Two Worlds: Normies vs Fringe Dwellers - WW3 Elephant In The Room - Space Alien Genetic Engineering Ruling Overlords' AncestryListen now (43 mins) | Nosferatu warrior caste PSI powers and the psychic resistance...
Unmasking the globalist cabal's life force consuming agenda..
Miracle Mantra - mind science of manifestation - from the old Nosferatu tongueWatch now (4 mins) | Manifest heart’s desires – PSI power of the Indus Valley – way of the wampyr
"For you humans are parasitical creatures, that need to be culled, otherwise you will grow too big for this realm you call home...”
Hymn of DeathWatch now (2 mins) | Feeding song of the Nosferatu...
Justice under the dark light of the obsidian moon...
Psychic Abilities, Space Aliens, Ruling Overlords, and Adrenochrome (Interview with Doktor Snake)Listen now (22 mins) | Doc talks PSI power, genetic modification by aliens in ancient times, harvesting Adrenochrome from humans, and the fight back…
A Halloween Night Ritual to Contain the Power of Sekhmet in 1973 London...