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Solar eclipse October 14th - Doktor Snake under attack - quick getaway

Ramping up psychic power - planetary alignments - meteors - solar and lunar eclipse - woodwoses (England's Bigfoot) on the loose...

Dark Angel here… We’ve got the solar eclipse coming on October 14th, plus a lunar eclipse to the end of this month… along with meteor showers. Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter, come into play too. It’s an auspicious time for casting spells and conducting magick. If you’d like use to fix up a working for you at this time, get in touch and let us know what you need changing in your life. We’ll get too it! Email us by hitting the button below.

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Doktor Snake here… OK, the eclipses, planetary alignments, meteor showers, are certainly an auspicious time for doing magick… they also mirror events going on in the world right now. There’s more to Israel declaring a state of war, for example, that meets the eye. A game is being played out by the elites. We’re discussing this on our private Telegram channel. Anyway, I’ll go into this in an upcoming video; need to see how things transpire. But it’s pretty clear the “hidden hand” is behind what’s going on.



Doktor Snake, His Seal, The Eclipse

Doktor Snake
Doktor Snake
Doktor Snake
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