Visionary magick uncovered - excerpt focusing on post-modern shamanic sorcery - mind and imaginal merges with landscape

"With everything replete with meaning, you can set your intention to change reality and probability streams..."


As yesterday’s video was a good hour long, I thought I’d pull out the section on visionary magick. It gets into the idea of merging your mind (right brain aspect) with the landscape, going into the aetheric realm mingled with our own perceived reality. Here you can simply explore, perhaps setting an intention that everything you encounter is replete with meaning. This can be a form of divination or of self-development, gaining deep knowledge from the hidden vistas on the fringes of our left-brain dominated reality. You can get into the “middle marches”, the liminal place between the worlds where the crypto-creatures and demons reside - none of whom will be denied when repressed by the prevailing cultural milieu.