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Who is sex worker and author Salome Balthus? Will she (inadvertently) take down the elites? Expose their trafficking and abuse of children?

Psychic Vision from Dark Angel reveals that Balthus may prove the elite's nemesis.

Below is the January 7th post detailing Dark Angel’s psychic premonition in which she saw the woman she believed would prove the undoing of the elites, our malevolent overlords. Back then she had no idea who the woman was. But today DA came across a photo of Salome Balthus in the Daily Mail, exclaiming, “OMG, that’s her!”

Doktor Snake
Psychic premonition - 2023 - from Dark Angel - big events coming - apocalypse now?
This post is to make you aware of a psychic vision Dark Angel had earlier this week. Take it as you will. For me, all things are information, be they intel on the ground or psychic. Some background: Given the data coming out on excess deaths (book here…
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Doktor Snake
Doktor Snake
Doktor Snake