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Ancient majiks: "The neolithic site where I do my most powerful rituals..."

Neolithic mound – ley lines – archaic conjuration with a techno twist.

Mod: Numinous power, psychic abilities, deep intuition into the probability streams. Seeing beyond the Simulation. Gaining glimpses of the game controllers.

Area of effect: Transformation of consciousness, psychic visions, direction of archaic energies from the crossing of leys.

Hack: Ability to see the way the digital reality game (consciousness and life) is going, to catch sight of the dwellers on the threshold between digital reality and what lies beyond.

Entering Gateway 7… Finding the hidden god.


Doktor Snake
Doktor Snake
Dubbed "the UK's answer to Anton Lavey". Listen at your peril. Bestselling author of Doktor Snake's Voodoo Spellbook, Human Sacrifice, Cannibals, and Get Money.