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Doc, how do I manifest a hospitality company or a vision of a company coming to pass...beyond some stuff. Ive been stuck at some cross roads and I need funds or credit to repair itself...I also don't have the idea for loans because it frizzled out due to certain factors that I faced. So I felt trapped... however, I want to own this dream and make it work. It's really a long shot toward manifesting this. What can you do doc!? Random note.

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Ok I’m going to go straight in with another if that’s ok? How did you come up with the name Doktor Snake and is there a meaning behind it?

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Hello Doktor, just wondering if you have or ever thought about doing in person group sessions, sharing your knowledge, maybe group rituals or any group activity people can join you to learn from you to get a first hand experience of your work? I can imagine this been mega exciting and a fascinating life experience

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Okay what a fantastic idea, let's get this thread started then......

Okay my question to you Doktor Snake is..... As an accomplished musician, who were some of your influences? Musical idols?

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