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Doc, how do I manifest a hospitality company or a vision of a company coming to pass...beyond some stuff. Ive been stuck at some cross roads and I need funds or credit to repair itself...I also don't have the idea for loans because it frizzled out due to certain factors that I faced. So I felt trapped... however, I want to own this dream and make it work. It's really a long shot toward manifesting this. What can you do doc!? Random note.

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Yes, you envision your goals, build notes of your ideas, make a plan of how to implement it all. If investment is needed, consider potential avenues. Sort out your technology, website systems, backend infrastructure. For hospitality there's a fair bit of money needed for set up and running.

I'd say the first thing is to look at the systems used in hospitality; booking and all that. Become an expert in that which is key to the business sector. Maybe some allied programming. You want an in to the sector basically - especially if you don't have investment. Build credibility either in the systems admin side or marketing.

Or you create some kind of content system where you can write or videocast about hospitality, perhaps recommending via affiliate programs - or building enough presence to strike deals.

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Ok I’m going to go straight in with another if that’s ok? How did you come up with the name Doktor Snake and is there a meaning behind it?

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It just came to me, partly due to Earl Marlowe featured in my Doktor Snake's Voodoo Spellbook. Doctor with a K is down to the Doktor Avalanche, the drum machine programmed by Andrew Eldrich of the Sisters of Mercy. Plus Doktor means you don't have any mainstream education, which is true. I became so used to the name, and everybody calls me Doc or Dok, so it's a part of me.

No meaning behind it, save perhaps the myth in the Bible about the serpent tempting Eve with knowledge .. to me offering her reason... And rebellion against the Elohim, which were plural, lots of them, and Elohim got translated as a One God, but actually wasn't at all.

So the meaning, if any, is to be your own God and shape your own reality with the true creator - that is the imaginal, or imagination... It creates everything yet is dismissed mostly.

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Hello Doktor, just wondering if you have or ever thought about doing in person group sessions, sharing your knowledge, maybe group rituals or any group activity people can join you to learn from you to get a first hand experience of your work? I can imagine this been mega exciting and a fascinating life experience

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We're building up our Discord server, which will have group chats as I said on WA the other week. So you'd be welcome to join in. We had a few group discussions last year which were really good. Here's the link:


We'll likely move organically to the things you suggest above, so they're on the cards!

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Sounds amazing, excited for that

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Okay what a fantastic idea, let's get this thread started then......

Okay my question to you Doktor Snake is..... As an accomplished musician, who were some of your influences? Musical idols?

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Good one! I'll answer it, then I'll end it with something very contentious... you might even guess what that might be!

First off, as a little boy I despised popular music. I preferred Elgar and Land of Hope and Glory. I though the popular music rock types were absolute reprobates; not upstanding people at all. Parvenus perhaps!

Actually that's quite contentious... but it's not it. Wait till the end.

Anyway, I believe I was on the school bus and Alice Cooper came on the radio with Schools Out For Summer... and that absolutely grabbed me. Maybe I saw it as a call for rebellion along the lines of Wat Tyler.... though probably the Alice fellow didn't have that in mind, he was likely keener on the greenbacks he could earn from the simple pentatonic tones being employed.

From there I came across Led Zeppelin, and, of course, Jimmy Page... that is what brought me to Aleister Crowley, novelist, poet, accomplished mountaineer... but most known as an occultist and magickian... "prophet of the new aeon of Horus" via his wife channelling a non-human intelligence in the Great Pyramid at Cairo.

So really I learned to play the guitar from Jimmy Page... though not directly! I actually managed to find a song book of the complete works of Led Zeppelin with even the guitar solos in musical notation... that was what did it for me. I was able to learn all the scales from major and minor to pentatonic and blues type scales.

But we can see that old Jimmy Page led me down a number of paths, not just music. Crowley led to yoga and the vedas - actually "mind control", stopping internal dialog, etc.

Around the same time we had the explosion of the punk movement. I was very taken by the Sex Pistols and saw that John Lydon (good man) and manager Malcolm McClaren were up to more than music and a youth movement... they were taking on the very state of Britain - "God save the Queen, she ain't no human being." And Anarchy in the UK. They meant it. This time it really was Wat Tyler! Later I realized Malcolm was really doing Situationism... the French art movement that was culture jamming... it was the same with his previous musical outfit, the New York Dolls.

Also, surprisingly, Jimmy Page was good with the punk movement... perhaps more The Damned as they were much more proficient musically. We also had SF author Michael Moorcock involved and style guru Peter York - very well turned out English chappie on the boat on the Thames with the Sex Pistols taking on the British establishment.

As time went on I was very keen on The Sisters of Mercy and their singer/lyricist Andrew Eldrich... who hated Goth even then and now has strict rules at concerts that nobody can use terms like "goth", "doom" or anything like that - not even the tea lady.

From there it was the remarkable KLF, again Situationist in scope, who also burned £1M of their earnings from their musical enterprise... that was glorious. Also The Shamen with their DMT and shamanic message... and Dodgy, in particular Staying Out For Summer about the second summer of love and the spirit of Wiltshire, Avebury, and crop circles.

I'd say that's about it!

Now to the contentious bit... I can't wait for AI Music Generation to hit prime time - to end the old guard of pop and rock stars... to doom it entirely... to enter the new world. It's going to be good!

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Thats amazing so you really have a rather eclectic taste then and weren't influenced by the media hype or peer pressure to listen to this band or that then but instead let the music come to you as it were.

For Classical I've always loved listening to "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" composed by Johann Sebastian Bach and also the works of Tchaikovsky but then I'm a ballet aficionado haha.

I do like Alice Cooper too but for me the greatest rock band of all time has to be Led Zeppelin so great choice. They were definitely influenced by the artists like "Robert Johnson" and "Howlin' Wolf" and their delta blues another form of music I absolutely adore but what many don't realise is that the author J.R.R. Tolkeins Middle Earth also heavily influenced their works. The Sex Pistols another great choice, just listening to their song "Anarchy in the UK makes one want to smash things up lol. Johnny Rotten actually tried to warn us about Jimmy Savile all those years ago too!

Oh nice choice with The Shamen, Ebeneezer Goode is absolute classic! The Prodigy are another one.

Music did seem to be about rebellious at one time and seemed to mostly have a positive upbeat message.

Ahh with the whole AI generated music I would have been vehemently against it at one point but seeing the sublime works of art that Artificial Intelligence has created I'm actually quite optimistic. Still I don't think that rock stars will go away because instead we might have programmed holographic artists instead!

I'll now have to relisten to your music and see if I can pick out some of the above influences in your works haha.

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That's right, the AI artworks we've done have been incredible. My favorite was the sermon to the cats. And you pulled some incredible pieces out of the hat.

With music, I think Korea and Japan already have virtual pop idols. So that's going to be a definite as holograms and AI merge with generated music. Our reality may well be a simulation; now we're building another one of our own. This is the beginning.

AI I think will keep a global order, humans will merge with machines, cyborgs. And we'll be in a realm of endless mirages.

Thing is, though, this may well be the case now with the Simulation Idea... Prof Nick Bostrom's contention: Are we living in a digital universe?

In a sense, you and I are psychonauts and cybernauts... as in we aren't neo-luddites. I'm sure we've got our limitations, but we are merrily riding on Black Swans into the future.

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Don't forget virtual movie stars! We might even watch future films with deceased Hollywood legends such as Sean Connery or Charlton Heston back in their prime. Obviously they've de aged a few stars for recent movies such as Harrison Ford in the latest Indiana Jones flick and Robert De Niro in 'The Irishman' so this is just the beginning I guess.

Oh and in a few years computer games will be indistinguishable from reality, just look at the advances in the past thirty years so that'll definitely happen.

But then perhaps the holodecks from Star Trek fame might very well become a reality too. But eventually computer programs will become indistinguishable from real life. Maybe what we think of as life is actually a highly evolved computer program and we are but characters in a highly advanced computer game? Scary thought indeed.

There may very well come a time when humanity will be superseded by AI and we all become obsolete unless some choose to meld with machines and become cyborgs but then we'll lose our humanity and that's too high a price I feel.

Now let me go back to the theme of music. Most people always assume that the real rebels and anti establishment types were all punk & rock stars but I'd argue that it's also folk singers who are sorely overlooked. Figures like Bob Dylan with the songs "Blowin' In the Wind" and "The Times They Are a- Changin" or Joan Baez with "We Shall Overcome" all protest songs against injustice and in favour of civil rights. Aretha Franklin's version of "Respect" deserves am honorable mention too, a song which was both a feminist and a civil rights song.

Oh and I love your terms "psychonauts" and cybernauts" that's far out haha.

PS I was just listening to your song "Motorcycle Mayhem" on YouTube and am absolutely loving it. The video of you riding along through the english towns and countryside is fantastic. Great vocals and music. Bravo.

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Yes, it will be holograms all the way, aided by AI. Also folk music was always the true rebellion... No money in it. Done from passion.

Yes that Motorcycle Mayhem song is quite good. The video absolutely what I used to do. Mystical journeys on the iron steed. Joyous actually. But I like my Merc now and so the same thing, but have shelter if it's raining... And can sit and meditate miles from anywhere.

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