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I would be terrified of not coming out of Astral and getting stuck

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That was certainly something I feared when I was a boy. Back then OBEs just happened, so it was terrifying and I definitely wondered whether I was getting back or not.

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I think i had 2 OBE in my life. I remember them because it was scary. I was in my 20s and then my 30s. The first one, I was asleep but my awake in my subconscious. The doorbell was ringing. I tried to get up to answer it but my body was like lead. Just dead weight. I could not move a muscle. I was struggling to move my body but nothing worked. At some point I managed to awake and was so scared. I didn't understand what happened and it scared me. The second time I was physically asleep but awake subconsciously. There was a monster or demon, I have no idea close by and it tried to touch me. I was scared of it but again, I could not awake when I wanted to. Again, i awoke at some stage, and was scared. So now I have an idea of what was happening to me then. Thank you.

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