I'm going to have to re-read the "Doktor Snake Vodoo Spellbook" again.

I remember my honest review to to which was:

"So you covered everything history, herbal remedies, psychology, music, folklore, autobiographical, I laughed in parts, was chilled to the bone in others and the most important thing never bored. Bravo."

It also helped when sitting down and reading there was sudden change in atmosphere in that a summers storm suddenly came out of nowhere just as I started reading......

Obviously the rational mind would say its only a storm created by weather fronts but then again perhaps that unholy tome once opened has a mysterious power of its own....haha.

If there's anyone reading this comment and you haven't read that book, trust it's well worth the read believe I got my copy off amazon.

I hold out hope for a Docktor Snake autobiography one day and I doubt I'm the only one. But I guess it's just finding the time.

Great story btw thanks for posting!

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How do I get my hands on some of that death powder?

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