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A most interesting topic. So let's start by explaining what it is.

A belief going back 5000 years being that if someone is envious of a person then they are able to send misfortune, loss or injury to that individual just by looking at them.

Many traditions say that the stare of the evil eye can only take effect if the future victim of the curse does not notice the evil/ envious glance. Others that one has to catch the look of ill intent directed towards them.

So how can one protect themselves from its ill effects? Traditionally one would wear an amulet made in the shape of a blue eye for protection. Most commonly nowadays made from glass and worn traditionally as a pendant around your neck but can also take the form of a bracelet in modern times too.

This amulet is believed to deflect all those negative energies being sent your way and dissipate them or even push them straight back unto the sender.

So here's my take. There is no such thing as the evil eye, its just an old belief from ancient times that when misfortune befell an individual whether sickness or financial loss, the people of those times didn't think to investigate the real causes such as underlying health issues, poor economic conditions etc. They just attributed it to the evil eye.

If one believes in something then they will make is so. The belief in the evil eye could be that a simple fall that a person may have or losing some change or something more serious etc will be attributed to that, we give power by believing in it that's all so we convince ourselves of an irrational cause for our perceived misfortunes rather than looking at the actual rational causes. Just as the belief in the amulets protective abilities if worn also is reinforced.

If there's belief in an evil eye does that mean there is also belief in the reverse being a "Good Eye",? Being if someone looks at you in a kindly, caring way then will any and all good fortune you have from that point onwards be attributed to that event/ individual?

No of course not that's ludicrous but yet the belief is found in many cultures all over the world so I guess who knows what the true origins really are.

A very wise man once said...

"Our thoughts create our reality"!

Keep thinking good thoughts and believe in good fortune, happiness or whatever else you desire coming your way and it shall be so. Just remember that the most effective protection against negative energies is the belief that nothing can harm you and you are protected by a shield that nothing evil can penetrate.

Failing that......Hire the Dok !!!

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Happened to me many times and feel that unpleasant events shortly afterwards were directly linked to individuals feeling of envy or jealousy towards me at the time.

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I think evil eye is not exactly a glare. It could be a sub category of alien, demon, spirit or just mirage effect.

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