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Elohim win UK General Election - Great Reset will go into overdrive - Starmer reportedly involved with "Sphinx" pedophile network

The Adrenochrome freaks have taken UK parliament (in reality taken long ago) - it's more that things are going to get way worse... potential solution launch sustained psychic attack at the elites...

"Following a months-long investigation, the Foundation to Battle Injustice has succeeded in uncovering a sophisticated British pedophile network secretly known as the “Sphinx”. A cell of high-level child rapists was uncovered thanks to information from a former British intelligence officer and a former member of the British House of Commons, who provided testimony to the Foundation to Battle Injustice for this investigation."

According to Foundation to Battle Injustice sources, one of the members of the “Sphinx” secret society (and there are many) is a patron of the UK’s modern pedophile lobby - one Keir Starmer, now UK prime minister (Labour Party):

"In 2020, it was revealed that Starmer, then head of the UK Crown Prosecution Service, in 2009 helped notorious pedophile Jimmy Savile avoid prosecution for his crimes."

It's a long, long story going back to the history recounted in the Bible, and far before that. Earth was visited by "off-worlders" or ETs (or inter-dimensionals), who, needing workers (thralls), proceeded to genetically re-engineer the bipeds living on the planet at the time - most likely Neanderthals, and perhaps other species like Homo Habilis, perhaps modifying one or more of these species into Cro Magnon, which morphed (maybe) into Homo Sapiens. All that said, there could be various species that were genetically modified still extant on Earth. We simply can't trust what we have been told by the authorities. We can't trust history. We can't trust any of the narratives that have been given to us. It goes without saying that the mainstream media simply dishes out a simulacrum.

In the Bible the off-worlders are called the Elohim. There was no one God in the early translations of the Bible. At best it was "Gods of the Bible" in the plural; these were originally referred to as the Elohim. The Garden of Eden appears to have been a large enclosure, a genetic engineering facility where many "Adams" and "Eves" were created until the Elohim got it right.

The Elohim appeared to leave Earth at a given point. But possibly they kept outposts on the Moon, and the various elites in league with them awaited their return, but carried on their work... and now it's possible the Elohim, Anunnaki, etc, are back. And politicians like Starmer are lackeys, not just of the globalist elites, but their controllers - the Elohim.

The solution, at least to put a spanner in the works, is to launch sustained psychic attacks against the elites, and indeed, the Elohim too... along with remote viewing them so what is in the dark comes to the light.

WHY ARE THEY HERE? The Secret Alien Agenda - What You NEED to Know! Documentary 2023 by Paul Wallis

Gods of the Bible | Graham Hancock talks with Mauro Biglino

Relevant videos flagged by Bellator Leonis.

Adrenochrome discussed on Turkish TV.

Japanese scientist discloses how the mRNA covid vaxxes are causing early onset dementia and other neurological conditions

RT. Michelle Obama is the only potential Democrat candidate who can beat Trump, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll.

My comments on Telegram:

The Elohim win UK Election landslide, saying: "It will be great, you will be happy as we kidnap and terrorise you kids, unleash our alien lusts upon them and then sacrifice them for adrenochrome... Still you don't realize we are drug freak psychopathic aliens... No surprise you believed the Bible we cobbled together to control you and alter history."

All according to the plan. Normies will be charged up, "It's all going to change now!" they’ll cry. Andrew Bridgen lost his seat. Normies didn't want to hear about the vaxxes, and will be queuing up for the Bird Flu vaxx. And likely you won't get benefits nor pensions unless you have a vaxx passport. Also the normies will see the unvaxxed as lepers. That said, there's still a lot that know. Probably no stopping the reset as the normies probably won't even see when they themselves are pegging out.