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Emergency Broadcast: Culling Confirmed?

Just in. On-the-ground reports that excess deaths are being hushed up...

Via a trusted friend, I’ve received reports from morticians and doctors that makes it evermore certain we are seeing an orchestrated mass culling event - confirming Milton Keynes’ funeral director John O’Looney saying he’s been seeing large blood clots and high levels of mortality…

From my source:

“I was talking to my friend who is a firefighter. He knows lots of people a lot of professionals, police, medical, and he has a friend who's a mortician.

He said the mortician is saying all the same things that the mortician in Milton Keynes is saying.

One of the things he said is the number of people dying with all kinds of unusual things and that he has been having a lot of time getting embalming fluid into the dead because they are full of all kinds of unusually large blood clots.

And then he knows a Doctor who's puzzled that one of his patients is all kinds of weird cancers inside them and is growing something that looks like a horn on his forehead and nobody can explain it. And all of these people have had many many vaccines.

My friend who's lived up there all of his life says that every day he looks through the obituaries for years in five or six different media outlets and he says that the amount of people that he knows that are dying are not even listed in the paper.”


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