Doktor Snake
Doktor Snake
Escaping the Rothschilds & the matrix...
Escaping the Rothschilds & the matrix...
It has to be macro and micro...

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Growing up in Buckinghamshire, I was surrounded by the grandiose opulence of the Rothschilds - they had estates near Leighton Buzzard and Aylesbury. People knew the Rothschilds’ game even back then; my parents and family did, anyway. But the control system is both on a wider scale and on a personal one. It’s macro and micro. You have to break the chains within as well as without…



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YOU ARE NOW ENTERING THE WAR ZONE. With legendary author Doktor Snake. PSI and futurism - reality subversion - re-programming the human machine - cyber gnosis. ✸ “It’s a mind-f**k, DMT trip.” ✸ “Required listening for Alex Jones and the Rothschilds."