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Evoking the Terrifying Sovereign

Doktor Snake discussing calling upon the ancient ancestor priest-wizard...

The Terrifying Sovereign, once of this Earth, and of great age, now resides between the worlds. Long ago, he was an aristocratic “wizard priest” hailing from the trans-Caspian steppes. A master of mysteries, he was closely aligned with predator animals such as wolves. He was at once ferocious and sinister, and a keeper of inspired wisdom. Bear in mind, the nature of wolves. Unlike most of humankind, they stay faithful for life with one partner. So it was with the Terrifying Sovereign; his consort Veliuona was, and is, forever and always.

Like all of his kind, the Terrifying Sovereign was possessed of the secrets of the dead in the underworld. Being a shapeshifter, he could walk between the worlds. The Terrifying Sovereign could traverse the “great In-betweenness” betwixt the island of order and oceans of primordial chaos which surrounds it. He still does.


Doktor Snake
Doktor Snake
Dark Angel