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Phenomenal writing, obviously the key thing is to only gamble what you can afford to lose, hopefully not to end up with just the shirt on your back lol. Go with a set amount no more and once you've got your original stake back put it away then gamble with your profits and take bigger risks if need be, the worst that can happen then is that you'll go home with what you came out with in the first place.

Also having a realistically specific target in mind you want to reach before you stop may be a good shout too. I like the whole positive thinking aspect too, found that the most successful gamblers have always had an unshakeable faith in themselves and saw themselves winning. I'd also add the key is to have fun and a break every once in a while.

I've heard that Wednesday is supposed to be ruled by the God Mercury and is a fantastic day for luck/ fortune/ gambling spells. Thursday is ruled by the God Jupiter and is good for wealth/ prosperity/ abundance spells. Funnily enough if I've ever done a bet or played games of chance I've always found those two days the luckiest for me in the whole week. Could be a coincidence but then again...

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