This was really hard to listen to, had utterly no idea what Dark Angel went through, really heartbreaking to listen to that and I could hear the pain in her voice talking about it all.

It's a cliche I know but times a great healer and sometimes people may have had to go through terrible times whether mental or physical or both, a dark night of the soul if you will to then get to a brighter future where they're stronger and happier than they ever thought possible.

If DA hadn't gone through all that horrible awful traumatic stuff she wouldn't have met the Doc and be where she is at now.

The futures only going to get better and the stilling of the mind and not letting emotions rule us is a handy skill to have indeed.

Glad all that negativity and bad situation has been left behind. Sometimes we're stronger than we realise.

It's hard but one should keep thinking good thoughts, forget about the past and try to focus on the present moment. If I get negative thoughts I've started saying to myself "why?" or "how does this help me focusing on these unpleasant memories"?

It's tough to stay positive sometimes I know, I find being one with nature helps me or looking at works or art/ listening to music.

Focus on the good in your life DA and know that things will only get better.....

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Thank you. That is only the tip of the mountain. I am telling my story so that hopefully it will fall upon others who may need to know not to give up. There were times I almost took my life and I felt he would not have cared.

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I'm glad you're okay now and agree that your story needs to be told for sure. Absolutely terrible what you had to go through.

It'll definitely bring hope to those in similar trying circumstances. You went through a lot but times a healer and at least you're healing from all that trauma.

Sometimes all you need to do is smile...see what a difference it makes! Smile for no reason whatsoever and yet you can't help but feel happy! Try it and see for yourself...

Wishing you nothing but happiness.

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