Magickal Journeys: Plus acid trip at Highgate Cemetery, lair of the vampire

AND: Repelled by crucifix at Walsingham, place of medieval pilgrimage to the Holy Virgin Mary...

Melding mind with the landscape is a powerful visionary experience. Sensing all around you, stopping internal dialog, becoming one with the environment, be it town or country. This was very much what pilgrimages were about. I discuss magickal journeys, then get into the Catholic shrine at Walsingham in Norfolk, how when I visited the village, which was a common destination for pilgrims (and still it), I found it oppressive - the atmosphere bearing down on me, as if a priest was wielding a crucifix at me! I then get into how a couple of pals and I did our own pilgrimage to Highgate Cemetery, the older, west side, home of the “Highgate Vampire”… my two friends were on acid, so it was quite a visionary journey!


Doktor Snake