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You know I'd never ever heard of Patanjali before so thanks for enlightening us. I'll have to read up on him. One wonders how many great men and women from antiquity who were well known as great sages/philsophers during their lifetimes are now unknown to us due to their works not surviving the passage of time? A great many I daresay. Hopefully though some more ancient scrolls or tablets will come to light during archaeological digs.

Ancient India was a land famed for the wisdom of its inhabitants, even Alexander the Great wanted to seek out its philosopher's to have discourse with. Though I feel that the pre Vedic Harrappan Civilisation has way more mysteries but we just need to be able to translate their language which unlike ancient Egyptian had no rosetta stone tablet hence no breakthrough yet, if it happens though there's thousands of clay tablets waiting to be translated and who knows what we'll learn.

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John McAfee wrote a book around the ideas of Patanjali. People often think John was a mad man. He seemed like that. But look deeper and you'll see he had a lot of wisdom. He felt Patanjali, and those around him, some 2,500 years ago, had created the first "mind science". Some say John hired ghostwriters to do the book. If he did, they likely did the "donkey work" from interviews with John. Ghostwriters couldn't compose a book of that stature... unless, of course, he hired me! Haha. But I'm not telling. Actually I'd still have done that by interviewing John. He had some very unique ideas and profound insights into human nature.

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