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Psychic Abilities, Space Aliens, Ruling Overlords, and Adrenochrome (Interview with Doktor Snake)

Psychic Abilities, Space Aliens, Ruling Overlords, and Adrenochrome (Interview with Doktor Snake)

Doc talks PSI power, genetic modification by aliens in ancient times, harvesting Adrenochrome from humans, and the fight back against the globalist elites (descendants of the space alien colonizers)..

Psychic Abilities, Space Aliens, Ruling Overlords, and Adrenochrome (Interview with Doktor Snake)

Doc talks PSI power, genetic modification by aliens in ancient times, harvesting Adrenochrome from humans, and the fight back against the globalist elites (descendants of the space alien colonizers)...

SS: You often say what you do is not so much about magic, but about psychic abilities, and that this goes back to when you were a young child. Can you tell us about this?

DS: I very much lived in a visionary world from being born. Perhaps around three-years-old I remember hooded figures gathered around my cot. They were scary, but who knows what they were or what their agenda was? Other times I'd have spirits come to me. Around that time there was a specific one who has been around ever since then, to this day. That's not something I talk about publicly, though.

As I got older I'd see and communicate with the faery peoples, who were first mentioned in Celtic lore and legend. I'd also see UFOs.

Plus I'd have a deep, intuitive knowing about things. I could read people in a flash, much like flash cards. That developed to quite a degree and still is with me now, and very much serves me.

SS: You also had out-of-body experiences?

DS: Again that started when I was a young boy. I was not in control of it. It was involuntary and thus scary. I had the whole thing, the high-pitched ringing (which isn't Tinnitus, by the way, it's the sound of the Life Force), and feeling myself come out of my body into the bedroom I was in... there was also a bright white light and tunnel; that was the portal to other realms, not wise to go into unless you know what you're doing. But as a boy I got into the astral plane, and eventually was not scared, partly because, as I got older, I read about these things. Specifically works from the Indian Subcontinent, such as Patanjali and the Vedas. So I began to realize that there was a body of knowledge on the different planes of existence - and that I'd come to it involuntarily and had no idea what was going on. It was terrifying at the time.

A big part of what I do is based around the astral plane and the subtle body. This knowledge came from ancient times. For example, you have the Ka from Ancient Egypt; the meaning of that is disputed, but I take it to mean the astral body that can traverse the planes of existence, including the realms of the dead... or perhaps better put, resting between incarnations.

SS: Do you ever encounter scary beings or situations?

Oh yes, quite often. It can be beyond terrifying, yet I'm not actually really terrified. I think to myself, well, I should be scared, by rights... but I'm not. Or not very much. I have a very dominant will, and I am militant. I do not worship on any level. So I don't see supernatural beings as superior in any way. I will fight. Win or lose I will fight. If get attacked on the astral. Some being came to me a couple of months back. I had just gone to bed; in the darkness I felt a presence. People might describe it as a demon, or something like that. I simply said, "Try it, come on, let's see what you've got." A fight ensued, me out-of-body... this entity was powerful; but it soon realized what I was... and it was combat of equals, to be honest.

Last year, in the astral realm... a quaint part of a city, had the look of it being in England... I was walking down an old part of the city, wonderful architecture. A man came out of a house and started talking to me... he had the look of a middle-aged eccentric...seemed friendly but I could see right into him... let's say his agenda was malevolent. He attacked me, and, as usual, I fought back... both physically (my astral body) and on a psychic level, firing mind-beams straight into his head. Finally I shook him or it off.

SS: Do you believe everyone has psychic abilities?

DS: Up to a point, yes. But there's many questions you need to ask. For example, are homo sapiens, humans, the only species of hominid on the planet? In the past, we had Neanderthals, Cro Magnons, Homo Erectus, and many, many more. We're told all died out save for Homo Sapiens. But did they? I contend there are other species of hominid on Earth... and that the ruling overlords on the planet know this. In fact, during the alleged Covid pandemic, they tried to locate these via the PCR tests; we all know PCR tests don't work for diagnosis. The PCR tests were all about gathering DNA.

SS: Why would they want DNA?

DS: Many reasons, including the move to transhumanism, but mostly because the ruling overlords fear certain species of hominid because they have profound psychic abilities. The ruling overlords do too, especially in terms of mind control. What they don't want is competition, particularly with what they have planned for us - a long term plan that goes back thousands of years, I should add. Certainly global domination... also their need to harvest Adrenochrome from humans, they basically Adreno-freaks, like speed freaks, but seriously upping the ante.

SS: So the stories about the globalists elites are true?

DS: Yes, pretty much. But you need to know their heritage. It all goes back around 10,000 years. This was when the space aliens came to Earth, escaping a galactic conflict that they lost. These space aliens were not nice people, by the way. When they colonized Earth they set about genetically modifying the hominids that lived here. They created more proficient workers for their mining operations - they needed raw materials to create the kind of technological environment they were used to on their home planet.

They also created a bureaucratic class out of other Earth hominids. These would do the administration and run things. After that they created a warrior caste for protection. With these they made a mistake; the warrior caste became rebellious and started turning against the space aliens. The aliens then set about tricking the warrior caste to go to a certain area - probably somewhere in what is now the Middle East. They then unleashed their "sun bombs" on them... killing a lot, but some escaped. They hunted these down with drones firing death rays... still many escaped... and eventually got to the Indus Valley on the Indian subcontinent.

SS: What happened then?

DS: The hominids there, probably humans, had not been genetically modified as the space aliens hadn't colonized the whole planet. So these humans saw the warrior caste as gods. No surprise as they had pronounced psychic powers, though tended to eschew the sun. They were nightlanders; were most humans are daylanders. This warrior caste had certain requirements to live, such as drawing in Prana, or Life Force, by various means, thus the humans would take chosen ones to them to feed upon. That's the way it was. But the warrior caste actually taught these humans about their "mind science" which involved having conscious awareness, a "Higher I", which I talk about, and was passed down via various bloodlines to the present day.

SS: Are the space aliens still here?

DS: No, no, they had to leave in a hurry, possibly about six thousand years ago; I'll have to sort out the approximate timelines. There were various space ports, such as in what is now Cairo. They Great Pyramid was one - back then it was glorious looking, marbled exterior, and so on. But once the space aliens had left, the bureaucratic class, who had been genetically modified with a fair amount of alien DNA, took over, and set about dominating the world... Babylonian money systems, religion, and mind control, changing history to suit their ends. The had fairly conical heads, and ancient skeletons have been found with cone heads.... anyway, this particularly genetically-modified species became what we now call the ruling overlords, or elites. Rothschilds, Rockefellers, all the usual suspects that are talked about in modern day alternative media.

SS: You mention Andrenochrome, can you tell us more about that?

DS: It started with the space aliens... total drug-heads... they would harvest abdominal fats from humans, children in particular, and consume it... massive high, and perhaps they needed it for some reason to stay alive or keep their youth. This still goes on today; just look at how many humans, including children, disappear every year... the figures are there; most don't know about it. If they did, they'd be very scared.

SS: Is there anything we can do to stop all this? Defeat the ruling overlords?

DS: Yes, definitely; they have their weaknesses. One worry is the space aliens may return in the next twenty years or so... or are returning now as we speak. Remember all this stuff is in ancient texts from the Vedas to the Bible. The Book of Enoch, Talmud, etc. In the Bible you'll find references to the El and Eloheim. These were the space aliens. Also Nephilim and Watchers... the Nephilim being genetically modified. And I think it is the Talmud that predicts the return of the space aliens. Would have to check the original translations.

SS: So how do we stop them?

We need to attack them on a psychic level, PSI power. Humans can do this with what they've got. Most importantly, the other species I have spoken of... the ones descended from the Warrior Caste... need to unleash all they've got. With the warrior caste, the Nosferatu, there's diverse colonies in different parts of the world... some lone ones too. They tend not to get on all that well with each other. But given a dire threat will likely unite somewhat. I know there are other species, other than them, that also have strong PSI abilities, but I don't know too much about them. Humans should also get together and do what they can. All I know for sure is the ruling overlords fear the warrior caste, Nosferatu... So planet Earth is not the safest of places now for them. They tend to keep to the shadows or hide in plain sight.

SS: What kind of psychic powers do they have?

DS: Above all, it's about conscious awareness, having a "Higher I". This marks them out as most homo sapiens don't have this to any degree. They are driven by their emotional brains, blown hither and thither, always reacting to things, rarely pro-active. The rearing horse of emotions is at the helm for them. With this other species, psychic powers aren't the be all and end all... conscious awareness is... but PSI abilities are part of it, remote viewing, deep knowing, reading people in an instant like flash cards, astral travel, all of that stuff.

They also know that the high-pitched ringing sound within is the Life Force, the flow of Prana. Humans think it is a medical condition called Tinnitus. I guess if sells drugs for big pharma. Life Force is obviously common to all species of hominid on Earth. The species I spoke about needs to feed on that, nowadays in an ethical manner, unlike ten thousand years ago when the "originals" walked this Earth.

SS: Listeners might find a lot of this hard to believe... what do you say to that?

DS: It's all there if you care to look in the ancient texts and handed down through the generations. It might be worth people looking into the historical personage known as the Count of St Germain... they might get a better idea of the reality. Plus obviously check into researchers such as Clif High, a very unique individual, who is unearthing huge amounts of truth, and him being the "tech Nostradamus", he's laying down what's coming from his Language Learning algorithms... He and I come from very different perspectives, but we've been laying down very similar things. He doesn't get into the species aspects to any degree, or rather he seems unaware of the warrior caste. The point is, all this is coming out. The hard part will be for people to accept that they have been lied to and history is mostly been fabricated by the ruling overlords. But their time is coming; the ages are turning and there is no place for them. We will defeat them. But it will be a hard road until it's done.


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