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Tinnitus - ringing ears - is a natural phenomenon, not a medical condition

Hundreds of thousands of people meditate on the internal ringing sound, so how can it be a pathology? Are they crazy?

As for me the internal ringing sound, loud or quiet, has never bothered me. Through a circuitous route I came across the Divine Light Movement (now known as Elan Vital), headed up by Prem Rawat (Guru Maharaj Ji), who came to prominence in the early 1970s as the “boy guru” from India. By the 1980s his movement adopted a more corporate image, presumably to appeal to middle-management new age types… THE KEY element here is one of the main meditation techniques of the Divine Light Movement is to use the internal ringing sound as a point-of-focus - which might come as a shock to those who “suffer” from Tinnitus.


Doktor Snake
Doktor Snake
Dubbed "the UK's answer to Anton Lavey". Listen at your peril. Bestselling author of Doktor Snake's Voodoo Spellbook, Human Sacrifice, Cannibals, and Get Money.