Sep 12 • 43M

Two Worlds: Normies vs Fringe Dwellers - WW3 Elephant In The Room - Space Alien Genetic Engineering Ruling Overlords' Ancestry

Nosferatu warrior caste PSI powers and the psychic resistance...

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Doktor Snake
YOU ARE NOW ENTERING THE WAR ZONE. With legendary author Doktor Snake. PSI and futurism - reality subversion - re-programming the human machine - cyber gnosis. ✸ “It’s a mind-f**k, DMT trip.” ✸ “Required listening for Alex Jones and the Rothschilds."
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→ PSI POWER #1 - JOURNEY TO THE PLACE OF MANIFESTATION: MP3 Audio – Awaken Your Potential and Manifest Your Dreams with PSI Power

→ MIRACLE MANTRA: MP3 Audio - Manifest your heart’s desires - mind science of the Indus Valley - from old Nosferatu tongue

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