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Are we living in a simulation ?, Personally I feel that is a half truth...to me it's more like we have had a holographic simulation put over our original one .. say previously it was a higher dimension and something has come along and enslaved this reality given us the illusion of solid and 3d , an example of that to show this is the fact that there is far far more empty space in our body then atoms... Solid and 3d here is an illusion ... Its locked humanity into a simulated frequency range that it controls that is its spiders web .... We are transmitters and receivers ...break free from this artificial frequency and anything becomes possible ..play with the dials of reality ..our reality has been vastly altered that's for sure .... So on one level we do live in a simulation

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I agree with you on all that. I like what you say about playing with the "dials of reality" and to "break free from this artificial frequency." This is stuff we need to get into. Because, in the end, it's going to either transform or improve our current reality. Maybe just for us; or maybe for others too. What I might add is we have to get beyond the word or the "word virus", as Burroughs put it... because we run around in circles with language patterns.

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