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I really liked reading this article, 3-D printing is not the easiest thing in the world. I tried doing it in 2016. The only thing I can get down was using one of those 3-D printing pens because I can’t quite figure out the electronics for one of those desktop ones. in 2019 the university had a 3-D printing shop. They showed us how to use slicers and I could do that but still I couldn’t use the machine printing. I read this article last year in March or April. I’m not sure when it was but I committed to just seeing what was out there set my intent did that whole shebang now? I have a really good 3-D printer. I know how to use it. I have made some really cool stuff on it. I found the settings that I want to use are from the same people that make the Internet have to use different words and phrasing the people that are really good at figuring out settings to make boom sticks(thank you creators of the evil dead movie series for helping me come up with that to not get censored)

And upon further looking into it, I saw that you can make metal 3-D prints, but the printers are super expensive and they use that’s like a king to like that underwater welding with the sand where it spits out sand, and it covers a thing essentially, it looks almost like welding the submerge hard welding. I swear it’s really cool. I wonder if 10 years if the Rolex will really be being built in the lab I know there’s people that infuse filaments that are like aluminum but fill them in with PLA so it’s like a half half mixture or something like that. I’m not sure all I know is I bet in 10 or 15 yearsmax probably be doing all sorts of cool stuff with that. I do agree I’m gonna keep attaching cool link sci-fi to this because this is a really cool ongoing project and again thank you for making this article because it made me really really really wanna try this

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Brilliant you are working with 3D printing. I know how hard it is. Back in maybe 2006 I was talking to scientist/techie types working on the tech - oh and they were also on Replicator technology, create anything from base atoms from soil and water... not exactly at prime time yet, but I believe molecules have been made. So getting there. I didn't know the term "boom sticks", haha, amazing.

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