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LAST CHANCE! New Year 2023 - working for luck & good fortune...

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The world is miserable (especially governments)! Let's have a bit of fun!

Travelling the parallel worlds

How to deal with the Great Reset

Play your HAARP - weaponizing weather - new pandemic 2023? Maybe...

The Iceman Cometh

New Year 2023: Lucky Sun Ray Sigil & Baal Stone

Dark Angel talking with her daughter about the Spirit Realm

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Plasma Physics: on the wild edge of reality

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Climate change scam - weather disruptions down to atomic bomb tests in the high-atmosphere in 1958...

REBELLION: It's time to rise up and revolt! (Music Video)...

Psychic killshots?

She hexed him with Jadoo! He left me!


BLACK FRIDAY: Everything Half-Price!

She offered us $5K to call up an Ars Goetia demon to hook a married guy - we refused - she was possessed by her own "ego demon" - once exorcised we conjured Duke Sallos to bring love into her life...

Asmodeus - personable demon of lust - "Don Juan" of the infernal host - banker in the casino of Hell...

Duke Bune - calling upon the demon that giveth riches - 26th spirit of the Goetia - resolving pecuniary matters...

In conversation: novelist Richard Godwin & Doktor Snake - magic - the matrix - and escaping the control system

Sigil magic - heavy duty firepower that gets the job done

Devil's pact - 666 - how to sell your soul to Satan in exchange for wealth, power and dominance

Love attraction spell - crazy, mad results within 8 hours - I nearly fell off my chair

13 telltale signs you've been cursed (and what to do about it)

Spirit Coins & Magic Money

Lucky Coin

Gaslighting: Dark Angel’s Heartrending Account Of 30 Years Of Abuse

African Shapeshifting Wizard Meets Grizzly End...

African Magic: Flying Wizards & Supernatural Aircraft

African Magic: Runyoka - Fidelity JuJu To Stop A Woman Straying

Lord, Seems Like I Gotta Jinx On Me! Doktor Snake Hoodoo Blues (Music Video) + New Spellcasting Packages For EVERY Pocket Book...

Satan's Money Covenant - His Satanic Majesty's Midas Touch...

Big discount on readings till Sunday!

Black Shuck: Hell hound of the under-realm

Psi-Power: Messages from the unseen - presences in the woods - Earl Marlowe & destiny...

Help! I Married A Succubus…

Halloween Ritual - Do My Bidding (Video) - Megaton Power Blast

To all the women out there. She should've thought TWICE before messing with my man...

AUDIO: Upcoming Halloween Ritual - Underworld/Astral Working - Ghost Train + Hellhound On A Lonely Country Road...

Halloween Ritual – Do My Bidding! Commanding!

Parallel Worlds: Our Astral Journeys Uncovered And Revealed

Death Curse

To Curse Or Not To Curse - That's The Question

Halloween - just another day? I don't think so...

Bigfoot UK, Crypto & The Apocalypse

Strange Cat - Alive & Dead At The Same Time

Grimoire Of The Seven Obsidian Kings

Calling Upon The Demon Barbatos To Weather The Storms Of The Great Reset - And Prosper

Amon: Evoking The Snake Wolf Demon

Get Rich With Satan

Spiritual Cleansing & Aura Purification (BIG Discount) - Right Man Syndrome - Plus Dark Angel Audio On Gaslighting Abuse & How To Deal With It

The Satanic Witch Of Loddon

The Red Witch Of Hardley - England's "Santa Muerta"?

Do You Have A Doktor Snake Tale To Tell? Plus Under The Radar Workings & Dok's Secretive Group

New Gambling Luck Working - Plus: CIA & The Occult - Attuned Senses + Way Of The Nosferatu

Trip To The Post Office On Acid (Without The Acid!) - U-Boat Captain - Lemmy Of Motorhead - 700mph in 30mph Zone

Last Chance: Cross Of Compelling Ritual - Saturday September 10th. [Plus Gypsy Magick Audio From Doktor Snake].

More On Summoning Demons...

Demon Summoning: Show Some Respect...

Black Hill Mound & The Denizens Of The Underworld

Get Money: Afterword - The Illusion

Get Money: 10. In The Flow

Get Money: 9. Harnessing The Power

Get Money: 8. Magic Words

Get Money: 7. Cash Machine

Get Money: 6. Burning Desire

Get Money: 5. Laser Focus

Get Money: 4. Kill Your Comfort Zone

Get Money: 3. Do What You Gotta Do

Get Money: 2. I Am God

Get Money: 1. Quest For Filthy Lucre

Get Money: Introduction

Rite Of Chaos & Order Unleashes Denizens Of Hell

The Beggar King