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Human mutilations? Are the UFOs, non-human intelligences about to invade?

Did the NSA and DARPA create the infrastructure for Facebook and Bitcoin?

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Many faces of Doktor Snake interview part 2

Many faces of Doktor Snake interview part 1

Is Doktor Snake the Count of Saint Germain?

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Dokology: Conscious Awareness Explained

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Ritual Of The Terrifying Sovereign

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Magickal Journeys: Plus acid trip at Highgate Cemetery, lair of the vampire

We're going on a DMT trip (without the DMT)

Solar eclipse October 14th - Doktor Snake under attack - quick getaway

Escaping the Rothschilds & the matrix...

Doktor Snake set to channel cosmic energies during upcoming solar eclipse

Who are the controllers? Are they in league with inter-dimensional entities?

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Bronze age mound: Out and about in the middle marches

Two For Tuesday: Dokology vs Mindfulness - The Scryotron Method - DEW Attacks On A Par With 9/11 Coming...

Fantastic Friday Frenzy - NEW! Weekly discounts and special offers - roundup of news and insight

Welcome to the simulacrum: fake reality...

Divination technology - elites using psychic "modelling" superior to AI and algorithms

King Ba'Ath - vampire monarch of the Somerset under-realms - giver of nightmares - speaks of the fate of humankind

Tithing the spirit doktor - mysterious ritual in New Orleans - plus appearance of an enigmatic Count

Visionary magick uncovered - excerpt focusing on post-modern shamanic sorcery - mind and imaginal merges with landscape

How to do visionary magick - old straight tracks and spirit paths - elites' "alternative 3" plan to leave a dying planet (hoax or real?)

$25K gambling win - cranking up your luck - conjuring spirits in the graveyard - mind science and manifestation

Two Worlds: Normies vs Fringe Dwellers - WW3 Elephant In The Room - Space Alien Genetic Engineering Ruling Overlords' Ancestry

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Speaking in tongues - I can do it without God or the Holy Ghost

Old world order turns to Satan to fight the NWO globalists...

Ghost in the machine - dearth of joy in the world - the solution = conscious awareness

Is the mind inside the brain? Or is it total body consciousness?

Duke Bune's "Three Farthings" Ritual

Strange Idols & Demon Sculptures? 15 Minute Neighborhoods & Smart Cities - Maui DEW Attack & Rising Totalitarianism

Daimonic Money Machine - Calling On Demon Prince Clauneck For Money & Wealth...

MP3 Audio - Manifestation Pathworking - We Are The Gods - Let's Change Our Own Reality!

The Prana Eaters

Born under an evil hour

How to control a UFO

The Satanic way to attracting women...

How to make a pact with the Devil...

WW3: It ain't hot, but there's still casualties...

Top Hats = Population Control? Chemtrails Over Milton Keynes

Miracle Mantra - mind science of manifestation - from the old Nosferatu tongue

The Hidden Hand: Doktor Snake Speaks Out About The Ruling Overlords (Elites) and their Aeon-Long Domination Of Planet Earth...

Apocalypse Now? Is A Cataclysm Immanent? There Was No God In The Bible...

Are We Right Or Wrong?

Exorcism services: entities cast out and neutralized

Magick in the graveyard - dark arts sorcery to get money - unknown tongues language of the spirits...

Dead Man's Grave - Conjuring Spirits - Paradigm-Shifting Mindset Needed For The Future Aeon...

A Vampyre's Tale...

Am I A Psychopath?

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Kill flight of the Nosferatu

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Dogs of doom howling? Shock medical data in the UK - proof of depopulation agenda?

Doktor Snake: The Heroic Battle Against Unleashed Darkness

Tame the black dog! Powerful technique to beat depression...

The Pawssessed Pup: Unleashing the Curse Within

Hot Foot spell made her boyfriend run out on her

Do you dream of other lives in parallel realities? CERN particle accelerator - did it distort time and let "alien" intelligences into our realm?

Do any of you dream of alternate timelines?

Be your own God - stop the word - defeat the "controllers"...

The Phony War - Vaxx Casualties Hidden - Mind Viruses & Memes - The Ghost In The Machine

Psychic Abilities, Space Aliens, Ruling Overlords, and Adrenochrome (Interview with Doktor Snake)

The Exorcist: Discover the true and disturbing story behind the movie and novel

Old Hag Syndrome

Crashed UFO Revelations: true and not true at the same time?

Banish Stalkers Spell

Hostage To Hell

The Serpent Is Coming For Him...

John McAfee: A Great & Profound Man - Mind Science, Freedom, Decentralized Networks

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Hope & Optimism vs The Elites

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Beelzebub's Manual of Black Magick

How to WIN big time at the casino

Eclipse Sorcery: Harness The Hellspawn Power Of The Black Sun – Become A Werewolf & Meet With The Devil

Kill your enemies with voodoo

Courtwork Magick - the "Poor man's lawyer"

Emergency Broadcast: The Great Fight Is Coming - Psychic Transmissions Via Dark Angel & Doktor Snake

The Devil's Windmill: He made a wager with Satan and lost...

Invocation of the Strange Cat

JKA Manifesto - Your Sky Is Our Sky - Mind Hackers - Justified Killer Assassins (Doktor Snake)

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Be Happy Now - Why Wait?

Mind Control Is A Good Thing

Fear Of Loss, Spoils The Fun...

How to get rich with the "Higher I"...

Vagabond on the loose...

Reincarnation: Do People Create Their Own Past Lives? Is "Reality" A Simularcrum? Who are the programmers of this Simulation?

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Smoke! Fire! Psychic Synchronicity - PSI-Guerrilla Fighters - Astral Travel In Cyber Networks

Is AI ALREADY In Control? Wildcard = Astral Projecting Into The Networks - Guerilla PSI-Power...

Deep Fake - Entities (and How to Deal with Them) - There is NO Reality - Tartaria - Nano Fabricators (Abundance For All)...

Bioweapons tested on US and UK citizens back to the 1950s + Get into the OODA Loop and the Silence Within...

The God With No Name: Necrom - Underworld Ritual (Private Members Only)

Join me on Notes - It's like Twitter but not...

ChaosGPT: Is experimental AI set to annihilate humanity?

Nazi Germany WON WW2: the "simulation" was reset and then the allies won - Mandela Effect - our reality is CODED!

Are we alone? Faery realms - portals - way of Tao - stopping internal dialog - powers-that-be are AFRAID!

Ouija boards & poltergeists - digital divination - airship flap, foo fighters, UFOs - coded reality?

A war of magic?

Your imagination creates LIFE FORMS - Colin Bennett and Charles Fort - we have created this reality, let's change it!

Channeling the 5th dimension - 2023 consciousness change - downfall of the elites - acid trip heightened awareness

Spread BIG love - antidote to control freak elites

Death Powder: “Killed a judge stone dead one time…"

Social Media: The Battleground For Our Minds

Was it a bioweapon? Chemtrails? Or a rabbit hole?

The Hooded Man...

He walked out on her for a younger woman...

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Patanjali and his Sutras: The Birth of Mind Science

Exploring the Mystical World of Astral Projection: How to Leave Your Body and Travel the Universe

Psychic readings and fortune telling - how do you think they work?

More on the Evil Eye - plus how our thoughts create our reality...

Do you believe in the Evil Eye?

Gift to the Gods - Equality of Women - Omens - Ragnarok is Nigh...

Black Work Of Hell

The Simulation Hypothesis: Is Our Reality Just a Video Game?

The Highgate Vampire: Exploring the Dark Side of Highgate Cemetery

Were the Nephilim and Watchers Aliens? Exploring a Controversial Theory

Psychic Power & Astral Projection - Tinnitus Natural NOT A Disease - Space Aliens - UK Tyranny - Escape to Tartaria

The Singularity: Is the Future Here?

Exploring the Folklore of Macon, Georgia: Ghosts, Legends, and Tales from the Heart of Georgia

Uncovering the Mysterious Empire of Tartaria: Was this Advanced Civilization Covered Up - And History Faked?

Gambling Spells: Can Magic Increase Your Luck?

Cyber Magick and Ancient Deities: Taming the Malign Force of Cleopatra’s Needle

Technology IS Magic in Action - Dr John Dee Scientist/Magician - Consciousness Change, Renaissance & the Singularity...

The Terrifying and Haunting Folklore of Black Annis from Leicester

Ghosts in the machine

How to Cast a Love Spell with Everyday Items: A Beginner's Guide

Quantum Mechanics and the Occult: A Match Made in Science Heaven

WW3 immanent - your data STOLEN - homegrown trans-humanism

In the land of the Neanderthals - advanced ancient civilizations - US / UK infiltrated by 5th columnist saboteurs? Heathen "soul lore"...

Behind the scenes: woman sought out justice for nephew through Doktor Snake...

I dreamed of a space alien attack on Earth...

On Sale - Plus Maximum Power + Dok's Secret Vault...

Behind the scenes of - lady won $25,000K

The Devil in old time conjuration lore

The Graveyard Snake

Human sacrifice - key festival EVERYWHERE - and not so long ago...

Possessed: Increasing numbers of people claiming they are being attacked (or controlled) by supernatural entities

It's in his voice...

Casting runes (1): state of the planet today

#RagnarokNow: The Gods of Yore returneth...

Voodoo Spells For All Your Needs & Requirements...

True stories of witches and warlocks

Dokology: ancient roots, Indus Valley "mind science" - pensions stolen, solution depop agenda? Psychic resistance - other species - space aliens...

Werewolf Rite - Possession Ritual - Behind The Scenes - The English Countryside

The Singularity will be like you've been spiked with 1967 Grateful Dead acid - BOOM!

Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) be the END of money and scarcity? Will all humankind be rich beyond their wildest dreams?

Dokology souped up with psychic and psi-power - Plus manifestation techniques - astral projection and riding the probability streams...

Does AI now rule Planet Earth?

Mind control is a good thing + Don't be driven by emotions...

Who is sex worker and author Salome Balthus? Will she (inadvertently) take down the elites? Expose their trafficking and abuse of children?

BIG SALE! Key requirements - love, money, domination...

NEW! Subliminal Magick - self-improvement on steroids! PLUS: Spellcasting tiers - hyper-charged Obsidian Kings and Necrom workings...

Astral attack - how I dealt with it

Calling Woodwoses (Big Foot) in the dark woods...

Intention manifestation glyph - plus vaxx truth - narrative crumbling - fake alien invasion?

She wanted her man under mind control...

The woman in white drifted across the lake towards us...

How to summon Slenderman

Stepping out of time - know your own truth - impending tyranny - escape to parallel worlds...

What would you like us to talk about?

WEF globalist cabal desperate to make you believe the world is mechanistic and material...

Ticktock, ticktock - stepping out of time onto the plasma plane

Astral assassin - gaslit and tormented wife - set free via psychic attack

Psychic premonition - 2023 - from Dark Angel - big events coming - apocalypse now?

How will politicians cover their tracks? The data for "demicide" is in... it's shocking

How to stop thinking...

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